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Brain Performance Optimization with Neurofeedback

Nov 29, 2021

By Zara Dureno, Occupational Therapist

Peak performance” has become a bit of a buzz word in a lot of executive, professional and athletic circles lately. Peak Performance is a state in which a person performs at a maximized level of skill, immersion and concentration leading to exceptional output or achievement (Recruiting Times, 2019). In our current digitalized world, we consistently have a high level of demands and distractions which can impact our ability to concentrate and focus on the task at hand. To be as successful as possible, we need to be able to harness our attention and memory capacities while regulating our nervous systems to manage our mood and responses – keeping  stress low and productivity high.

Thankfully, we have exceptional technology that can do just that. Neurofeedback is a device that is designed to read our brainwaves in real time and feed back to us whether we are in an optimal (relaxed, focused, in flow) state or not.

Think of it as a personal trainer for your mind – but instead of going to the gym, you are sitting quietly watching your brain work and using neuroplasticity to permanently re-wire it. Twenty-three controlled studies have shown neurofeedback to be beneficial for memory, attention, reaction time, intelligence and creativity (Gruzelier, 2014).

Some scientists believe that it literally modifies the white matter pathways and grey matter volume in our brains, leading to much faster conduction and thus, faster thinking (Mirifar et al., 2017). Another great feature of this technology is that it is done completely from the comfort of your own home and on your own schedule so it fits perfectly into a busy lifestyle. It is the ideal brain booster for becoming your very best self.

navigating chronic condition

I am a neuro-coach and Occupational Therapist and I provide one-on-one coaching during the program. I am extensively trained in neurofeedback and I launched the program at the Surrey Neuroplasticity Clinic. I am trained in how to set the protocols that will best match for what the client needs and adjust them as needed throughout the program. I am incredibly excited about the possibilities of neuroplasticity and how we can change and influence our brains. I am passionate about finding easy to follow ways to use the science of our nervous systems in our favour to get the most out of work and life. I believe in empowering all of my clients to reach their personal best in brain health through education, compassion and being a trusted cheerleader to their unique journeys.

The combination of cutting-edge technology, ease of at-home training on your schedule and a very passionate neurofeedback provider to guide you is an incredible way to make long-lasting and significant changes in your brain. You can work smarter, not harder and feel calm and ready while you’re doing it.


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