What is Neuroplasticity?

Our brain is made up of multiple connections, think of it as multiple wires (neurons) that are connected to each other to communicate messages. After an injury to the brain, some of these connections can become damaged. If the message is no longer able to be passed from one wire to another wire, a person may experience changes in how they think, move and feel.

This is where Neuroplasticity comes in. Our brains are adaptable and continuously changing, our brains learn what we practice. Neuroplasticity is a term used for when your brain adapts or “re-maps” itself by learning new patterns and creating new connections. Essentially your brain can recruit healthy neurons that weren’t being used in those communication paths before in order to communicate again.

A major goal of neurorehabilitaiton is to strengthen or create new connections in the brain so that lost functions can be regained or present functions can be maximized through neuroplasticity.

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