Introducing the Ammortal Chamber

the quintessential fully-immersive healing experience

Amplify your body, mind and spirit from the inside out.

The Ammortal Chamber is the quintessential fully-immersive healing experience that rejuvenates the whole of your being. The Chamber harmonizes and amplifies your body, mind and spirit, through a guided experience that blends light, vibration, magnetics, molecular hydrogen, music, meditation, breath work, and intention.

Unlock your potential with the next generation bio-optimization experience.

Why You Should Try the Ammortal Chamber

The Master Tool

The Chamber is Ammortal’s “Master Tool”. It synergistically up-levels all of the fundamental domains of being – the physical, biological, energetic, spiritual, and psychological – enabling you to feel, and be, limitless. By blending and harmonizing best-in-class technologies (based on proven science) with the wisdom of the ancients, it enables you to unlock your full potential. Healing light, music, voice, magnetic energy, molecular hydrogen and deep vibration flow into every part of your body, your mind, and your being – creating a peaceful resonant power. It is uniquely transformative.


Replenish Energetically

Magnetic energy intelligently renews and restores cells, empowers the body to heal itself, and increases the effectiveness of all other combined technologies for increased therapeutic value and optimal performance.


Realign Spiritually

Full-spectrum acoustics and low-frequency vibrations stimulate your entire system for improved relaxation, mood and well-being. The curated sound journeys can enhance your psychological state and directly improve your relationships and quality of life.


Recenter Psychologically

Guided breathwork, structured micro-movements, and immersive meditative practices elevate brain function and stimulate neural-pathways. This heightens creativity and self-awareness; and calms the central nervous system, while expanding consciousness.


Restore Biologically

Breathe in molecular hydrogen, one of the most powerful antioxidants, to heighten your body’s defenses, slow decay and dysfunction – and simultaneously, increase cellular resilience, stimulate the production of energy and enhance longevity.


Regenerate Physically

Clinically proven to stimulate skin renewal and repair, promote cellular restoration, and create a more youthful appearance. This therapy also reduces systemic inflammation for ease of movement, increased energy and circulation, and more efficient athletic recovery.

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