The Surrey Neuroplasticity Clinic uses brain function assessments to help athletes optimize sports performance

Surrey and Vancouver, B.C. (July 7, 2022) – The Surrey Neuroplasticity Clinic (SNPC) and the Union of British Columbia Performers/ACTRA have commenced a working relationship to provide expedited assessment and treatment services for stunt performers in the event of a suspected neck, head or brain injury.

The creation of this partnership between the stunt performing community and SNPC was vital to fill a void for time sensitive access to appropriate treatment and management of concussions and head injuries. When concussions or head and neck injuries occur, those first few days are so critical for proper diagnosis and management. “We really needed a place that could get performers in fast to not only to facilitate healing, but also to prevent prolonged recovery times or even worse, further damage by the performer trying to continue to work,” says Lori Stewart, Health and Safety Performer Advocate for UBCP/ACTRA. “We are so grateful that SNPC understands the demands on stunt performers, filling the gap and putting their health and wellbeing first.”

Located in the Health and Technology District, an expansive ecosystem fully integrated with leading healthcare professionals, health technology research institutes and medical specialists, the Surrey Neuroplasticity Clinic is a leading brain health centre providing multi-disciplinary care for the assessment and treatment of concussions, mild traumatic brain injuries, vestibular deficits, and neurological conditions such as multiple sclerosis, Parkinson’s disease, post-stroke, and others.

“Our mission is to positively impact a billion brains, and it all starts with helping take care of our immediate community here in British Columbia,” states Balraj Dhillon, a member of SNPC’s leadership group who oversees the day-to-day operations. “There is no Hollywood North without the exceptional work these individuals perform on a daily basis, so it is crucial that we provide them with the right education, resources, and tools to make sure that their brains are taken care of, and made a priority.”

One of the primary assessment tools used at the clinic is the NeuroCatch® Platform, a portable EEG device that measures the brain’s ability to attend and perform higher level cognitive processing in just 6 minutes. “It really is a massive point of leverage to be able to offer these scans to all industrial athletes, as it’s providing them a truly objective measure of brain function, where multiple scans can be compared to each other to determine whether an individual’s brain function is declining or not. In the event of a suspected injury, this data is vital,” explains Brodie Jackson, a brain injury clinician of SNPC who will be working with stunt performers.

In the event of a suspected injury, a UBCP/ACTRA member will be assessed at the clinic within 3 days, allowing appropriate treatment to begin right away and helping the individual safely return to work sooner. “All of the research shows that early intervention is key when it comes to the head. By getting these individuals into the clinic within 3 days, we can begin implementing a treatment protocol that will help the brain recover faster, and better, so that a safe return to work can be achieved,” explains Mathieu Gagnon, another brain injury clinician of SNPC who will be working with stunt performers.

If you or someone you know is experiencing symptoms of a concussion, or sudden bouts of dizziness and motion sensitivity, visit the Surrey Neuroplasticity Clinic to learn what treatment may be appropriate for you.


About Surrey Neuroplasticity Clinic:

The Surrey Neuroplasticity Clinic (SNPC) opened in 2019 as a neuro-rehabilitation clinic in Surrey, British Columbia, focusing on comprehensive therapies using advanced, non-invasive brain technologies to help treat people with neurological conditions. It is a wholly owned subsidiary of HealthTech Connex Inc., developer of the NeuroCatch® Platform, an objective, rapid neuro-physiological brain function assessment system that is licensed by Health Canada as a Class II medical device. The SNPC clinical team consists of multidisciplinary therapists expertly trained with the latest, innovative technologies to support the brain’s ability to heal, adapt, retrain and transform itself. More information:



The Union of British Columbia Performers (UBCP/ACTRA) is an autonomous branch of ACTRA (Alliance of Canadian Cinema, Television and Radio Artists), the national organization of professional performers working in the English-language recorded media in Canada – the foundation of Canada’s highly acclaimed professional performing community. More information:

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