Optimize your brain function to enhance physical performance

Brain and Body Performance Optimization

Optimizing your body for high performance starts with knowing where you are at today. Understanding how your cognitive abilities influence your physical performance is vital in gaining a competitive edge and elevating your training to the next level. There is no “off season” for the brain – its health should always be a priority. This is why we offer pre-season and post-season assessments to promote optimal brain function for all facets of life, including athletic performance.

Who is it for?

Athletes or performance-based individuals looking to gain a competitive edge through enhancing the mind-body connection.

Physical strength and conditioning are a routine part of any performance training program, but conditioning of the brain is often overlooked. Our brain and body optimization program will provide you with an assessment of your cognitive strengths and weaknesses, and a plan to optimize your brain’s performance.

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How does it work?

Optimize for Performance

We use cutting-edge technology with evidence-based health practices to provide comprehensive assessments of your cognitive and physical abilities, which will then be interpreted by our clinical team to identify areas for improvement. We provide customized guidance on how to optimize brain functionality and improve cognitive efficiencies.

Post-Season Review

A battery of assessments will be performed to identify how your brain and body has changed throughout the season. The results will be compared to your pre-season scores. Customized guidance on how to optimize brain functionality and improve cognitive efficiencies will be provided.

Return-to-Play after Head Injury

If you sustain a concussion, we can help you understand how your brain has been affected, focus your treatment on those areas, and objectively assess when you are truly ready to return to play. Our therapists provide evidence-based, individualized concussion rehabilitation, including a gold standard assessment protocol to ensure every athlete returns to sport at a safe and appropriate time.

Program Overview

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