Cognitive Functional Capacity Evaluation (CogFCE)

An accurate representation of your cognitive abilities.

What is a cognitive functional capacity evaluation?

A cognitive functional capacity evaluation (CogFCE) is similar to a functional capacity evaluation, but it emphasizes measuring cognitive abilities and capacity for handling cognitive demands. A CogFCE is an evidence-based, comprehensive assessment that uses measurable, objective testing methods to obtain an accurate representation of your cognitive abilities such as attention, planning, memory, problem-solving, and executive function.

Our CogFCE evaluators are experienced occupational therapists specialized in performing comprehensive occupational assessments that evaluate cognitive and psychoemotional functioning.

What is the purpose of a cognitive functional capacity evaluation?

Challenges with cognition negatively impact your ability to carry out tasks in your personal and work life. Whether it is from a head injury, associated with mental health, or resulting from a neurological condition, fatigue and difficulties with memory, focus and concentration can present major barriers in accomplishing daily tasks in both personal and professional settings.

While some functional testing is included (especially if your occupational requirements involve physical tasks), the primary focus of a CogFCE is to obtain an accurate representation of your ability to perform and handle cognitive demands. This data will help our CogFCE evaluator make clinical recommendations to your employer and/or insurer about return-to-work planning which includes potential job modifications, restrictions and accommodations, and recommendations for any additional rehabilitation recommended before or during a return to work. A detailed report will be provided which summarizes all data from the assessment, as well as clinical interpretations and recommendations.

What to Expect during a CogFCE

Your CogFCE evaluator will guide you through a detailed interview of your medical history, work and personal life, and your self-perception of your abilities to perform personal and work-related tasks. You will be asked to complete standardized questionnaires that are designed to gauge your cognitive challenges relative to job demands, understand your psychosocial behaviour position, and determine your self-perceived level of disability or impairment.

With certified methods in place to control for both assessor and participant bias, your CogFCE evaluator will test your cognitive capacity through reliable, evidence-based assessments for concentration and attention, information processing, memory, visual perception and processing, multi-tasking, planning, organizing, executive functioning and communicating.

Functional testing will include objective, measurable assessments of your strength, endurance, posture and fine motor skills relative to the physical demands of your job. If your CogFCE evaluator was provided with specific job demands that the referral source would like to measure, those tasks will also be incorporated into the assessment.

Your CogFCE evaluator will carefully monitor your performance throughout the entire assessment, ensuring that you remain safe and comfortable throughout the process, and to assess whether your efforts are consistent throughout the examination.

For Referrers

To make a referral for a cognitive functional capacity evaluation, contact us at the Surrey Neuroplasticity Clinic online, by phone at 604.424.8280 or by e-mail at [email protected].

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