About Kinesiology

Kinesiologists specialize in assessments related to injury and disease – using the science of human movement to assist you with injury prevention and rehabilitation.

What to Expect

Our kinesiologists work closely with your healthcare team to assist you to carry out your rehabilitative program. They have the ability to complete functional capacity evaluations in relation to occupational requirements, complete biomechanical analysis and outline an exercise program to improve your overall health and function. 

Appointments and Billing

We offer online booking and direct billing to all extended benefits providers. To schedule an appointment, please click here.

Our Kinesiologists

Our kinesiologists implement the latest, evidence-based exercise and movement science in their practice to help clients improve their functional health and performance, including strength, mobility and a decrease in symptoms. From helping injured clients return to pre-injury function, to assisting high-performance athletes improve their performance, our team of kinesiologists bring a wide range of experience and expertise.

Mathieu Gagnon


About Mathieu

Mat is an experienced kinesiologist who strongly believes in providing a client-first treatment while building relationships with clients founded on trust and understanding. He is experienced in treating neurologically impaired clients, including concussions, musculoskeletal injuries, and injured athletes. Book with Mat.

Brodie Jackson


About Brodie

Brodie brings a vast experience in providing return to work rehabilitation, concussion rehabilitation, and helping injured individuals regain their functionality. He utilizes a blend of science and performance in his treatment approach, and strongly believes in being proactive towards preventing further injury while rehabilitating current injuries. Book with Brodie.

Amrit Sidhu


About Amrit

Amrit pursued kinesiology to make a meaningful impact in the lives of those who experience functional deficits following an injury. He is passionate about combining innovative, evidence-based technologies with traditional treatment methods to help his clients return to meaningful daily activities. Book with Amrit.

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