Mental Performance Consulting

Elevate your mental game to achieve performance excellence!

The Surrey Neuroplasticity Clinic is proud to work with Dr. Bruce Pinel to provide mental performance consulting to both the injured population looking to return to work or sport, and the athlete population looking to enhance their performance.

About Dr. Bruce Pinel

Dr. Pinel has helped get many Canadians on podiums, having worked with Canadian Olympic and Paralympic national teams and athletes including Hockey Canada, Rugby Canada, Golf Canada, and many more. 

Over his 20-year experience, Dr. Pinel has worked with athletes of all levels, from The Vancouver Canucks in the NHL, The Victoria Grizzlies of the BCHL, down to amateur level teams. 

Dr. Pinel has also worked in injury management, helping injured individuals overcome their mental barriers to return to work.

What to Expect

Dr. Pinel provides one-on-one treatment and begins with a comprehensive assessment (virtual) to fully understand his client’s current state, internal and external factors impacting mental performance, and their goals. Following the assessment, Dr. Pinel will provide a breakdown of his assessment, and a treatment plan moving forward, which will include one-on-one sessions with him.

Brain and Body Performance Optimization

Dr. Pinel will also serve as the mental performance coach in our Brain and Body Performance Optimization program.

Athletes and teams who participate in this program will greatly benefit from Dr. Pinel’s vast experience in working with high-performance athletes across all sports.


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For ICBC and WorkSafeBC claimants, and for those with extended health benefits, please call us to see if you can be covered for treatment. 

To book with Dr. Pinel, please click here. 

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