NeuroCatch® Brain Function Assessment

Measure your cognitive brain function.

The Surrey Neuroplasticity Clinic is proud to be the first in Canada to offer the NeuroCatch® Platform as a brain function assessment tool to clients.

About NeuroCatch® Brain Function Assessments

The NeuroCatch® Platform is an industry-leading medical device that offers an objective evaluation of cognitive function, which is delivered in minutes at the point of care. Licensed by Health Canada as a Class II medical device, it is easy to use, cost-effective and readily accessible to healthcare practitioners, researchers and peak performers in Canada, the US and beyond.

What to Expect

The NeuroCatch® Platform is designed for healthcare practitioners to measure the cognitive brain function of their clients. The results of the scan provide your healthcare practitioner with objective measurements of specific brain functions. These measurements can be used to help identify areas for improvement, customize your treatment plan or journey to recovery, and to understand how your brain function is today.

NeuroCatch® conducts a rapid 6-minute scan to measure and report on cognitive brain function. It produces a report immediately after the scan to display information on three different brain responses, also known as event-related potentials (ERPs). The ERPs are termed the ABCs of NeuroCatch®: Auditory sensation; Basic attention; Cognitive processing. These cognitive measures can be measured over time, with the NeuroCatch® reports providing a summary of up to 10 most recent scans for the same client.


Single Scan $150

Note: The cost of a NeuroCatch® scan may be partially or fully covered by your insurance provider. Contact us to see if this would be an option for you.

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