NeuroCom® Posturography Balance Testing

Testing through the NeuroCom® SMART Balance Master.

About Balance Testing

Sensory organization testing (SOT) is offered by our clinical team through the NeuroCom® SMART Balance Master. SOT is a form of posturography that is designed to assess and quantify your ability to use visual, vestibular and proprioceptive cues to maintain balance. It has been recommended for use by the American Physical Therapy Association, Neurology Section for individuals with Multiple Sclerosis, Parkinsons, Spinal Cord Injury, Traumatic Brain Injury and Vestibular conditions.

Access to a NeuroCom® SMART Balance Master is limited in British Columbia. We offer the only machine in the Lower Mainland readily available for private scheduling. The results from the NeuroCom® SMART Balance Master are objective and individual; focusing rehabilitation on the right problem and eliminating any guesswork.

What to Expect

Not all balance problems are the same, and the wide variety of symptoms can make it difficult to determine the cause of a balance disorder and which treatment options are the most appropriate.

The techniques utilized by the NeuroCom® were initially developed with support from NASA and later from the National Institute of Health. It has been used in worldwide scientific research for decades, and is considered the “Gold Standard” for evaluation of balance impairment.

Upon the Sensory Organization Testing, a Test Summary Statement of Results (Raw Report) is made available. The raw report provides comprehensive numerical outcomes generated automatically by the machine, and can be given to the client as well as an outside practitioner for interpretation (if applicable).


Single Test: $55

Note: The cost of a NeuroCom SOT test may be partially or fully covered by your insurance provider. Contact us to see if this would be an option for you.

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